chris spurrell

Rookie (Hastings east sussex)

chris spurrell Poems

1. Our Friend The Whale 1/29/2008
2. Children Of War 1/29/2008
3. A Mother's Love 1/29/2008
4. Autumn Song 6/28/2008
5. Shades Of Winter 7/11/2008
6. Winter Is Here 7/11/2008
7. Give To The Children 7/15/2008
8. Song Of Summer 7/15/2008
9. Christmas Remembered 7/15/2008
10. Man 7/15/2008
11. Winter Lullabye 7/15/2008
12. Away From It All 8/5/2008
13. Storm On The Shore 8/5/2008
14. The Hunt 8/5/2008
15. Island Of My Dreams 8/5/2008
16. Springtime 8/5/2008
17. Harvest Home 8/5/2008
18. The Man Of Our Times 8/5/2008
19. An Open Door 8/6/2008
20. The Green Bug 8/6/2008
21. Four Little Paws 8/6/2008
22. What Do I See 5/15/2009
23. Welcome To This Summer's Day 5/15/2009
24. I Wish I Wish 8/6/2008
25. The Passing Storm 7/15/2008
26. Out Of My Window 8/6/2008
27. The Lonely Scarecrow 7/11/2008
28. Night Animals 8/6/2008
Best Poem of chris spurrell

Night Animals

Night is approaching the light fades away
Darkness is creeping to take over from day
Out come the animals that hunt in the night
The fox or the badger can give you a fright
As they roam about and into you path come
I wonder who'll be the first to run
The owl high above them is searching too
She may find a mouse or even a shrew
Blind bats flying about on tiny wings
Using their sonar they won't hit a thing
The moon and the stars will give them light
As they all go hunting through the night
But as morning comes and lights up the sky
Pushing the darkness ...

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Our Friend The Whale

Please listen to my tale, about our graceful whale
.She only has one plea and that is to stay free.
She wanders through the open sea, an awesome sight for all who see.
But she's as gentle as a lamb and poses not a threat to man.
Her beautiful song is sung in the deep blue sea.
But is she sining or crying out to you and me? .
She does not want to live in fear of the fishermen who draw near.
Thier harpoon guns upon the decks.
We've all heard and seen what comes next.

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