Christabelle Marinelarena

Christabelle Marinelarena Poems

1. Death 6/1/2009
2. Goodbye 7/3/2009
3. What Is Death? 7/3/2009
4. Just Say Goodbye 7/3/2009
5. Coops Love 7/14/2009
6. My Dog Mamas 7/14/2009
7. My Cat Patches 7/14/2009
8. Aaron 7/14/2009
9. Armida 7/14/2009
10. Mom An Dad 7/15/2009
11. To My Husband 7/15/2009
12. To My Daddy 7/15/2009
13. My Marlboro Menthols 9/21/2009
14. Betty Hood 9/23/2009
15. Everything About You 7/3/2009
16. Christabelle's Heart 6/22/2009
17. Guys With Cowboy Boots 6/1/2009
18. Raiders 7/3/2009
19. Fathers Day 7/3/2009
20. After Death 6/1/2009

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Best Poem of Christabelle Marinelarena

After Death

Now while my lips are living
Their words must stay unsaid
And will my soul remember
To speak when I am dead
Yet if my soul remembered
You would not heed it dear
For now you must not listen
And then you could not hear

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Christabelle's Heart

People all around me, But still I am alone
Someone tries to love me, But my heart is made of stone
Noone can get in, And I cannot get out
So noone can ever win, Thats what this game is all about
Been hurt a time before, That I still cannot get past
All I needed was a little more, But it all ended so very fast
To go through another heartache, would have to be insane
To hear my heart break, just brings me too much pain
So the wall that I have built, will stand forever more

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