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Angel Sweet 18 September 2009

u jst great man..keep it up..n plz write some more heart touching poems..

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My Heart Is Your Burial Place

In an instant you came, i immediately fall
so hard in love, i never knew
now im starting to believe that love doesnt dislike me at all
coz it paved a way that leads to you

in the series of my dreams its you i fantasize
i have the skill to see you even if i close my eyes
dont you know its you i always pray
i feel you so much, i even feel you in my DNA

if your love is in the air ill be excited about breathing
your gentle charm is remarkably unfailing
your love sponsored my life rearrangement
if my future`s a recipe your the main ingredient

when we die i want my tomb beside yours
be in paradise with you i wish of course
when im asked to spell love its your name i spell
thats how can i prove that your magic works so well

ill do anything even if it takes forever
just tro make you stay in my arms a little bit longer
you are synonymous to things of majestic proportions
im more than glad to be your possession

my heart is your burial place, rest in me
if there is a thing i want to feel you for eternity
ill break the fences crash through your wall
in milder words i want you thats all

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