Christian Wiman Poems

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Night's Thousand Shadows

1. deathbed
There is a word that is not water,
has nothing to do with heat or light,
is unrelated to any one pain

From A Window

Incurable and unbelieving
in any truth but the truth of grieving,

The Ice Storm

Then all one day because of ice
they couldn't make it down the hill.
Or up, James says,

From One Time

But the world is more often refuge
than evidence, comfort and covert
for the flinching will, rather than the sharp

The Last Hour

Lean and sane
in the last hour
of a long fast
or fiercer discipline

Do You Remember The Rude Nudists

Do you remember the rude nudists?

Lazing easy in girth and tongue,
wet slops and smacks of flesh as they buttered every crevice.

Hard Night

What words or harder gift
does the light require of me
carving from the dark

This Inwardness, This Ice

This inwardness, this ice,
this wide boreal whiteness

Rhymes For A Watertower

A town so flat a grave's a hill,
A dusk the color of beer.
A row of schooldesks shadows fill,
A row of houses near.

Darkness Starts

A shadow in the shape of a house
slides out of a house
and loses its shape on the lawn.

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