Christian Wiman

(1966 / Texas)

Christian Wiman Poems

1. Darkness Starts 7/21/2014
2. Rhymes For A Watertower 7/21/2014
3. After the Diagnosis 3/27/2017
4. All Good Conductors 3/27/2017
5. Believing Green 3/27/2017
6. Lord Is Not a Word 3/27/2017
7. Love's Last 3/27/2017
8. The Mole 3/27/2017
9. More Like the Stars 3/27/2017
10. My Stop is Grand 3/27/2017
11. The Preacher Addresses the Seminarians 3/27/2017
12. Sitting Down to Breakfast Alone 3/27/2017
13. This Inwardness, This Ice 7/21/2014
14. Hard Night 7/21/2014
15. Do You Remember The Rude Nudists 11/21/2014
16. Night's Thousand Shadows 7/21/2014
17. The Last Hour 7/21/2014
18. From One Time 7/21/2014
19. The Ice Storm 7/21/2014
20. From A Window 12/23/2014

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  • keni harris (2/8/2018 11:09:00 PM)

    what publishing house do u recomend for someone who is looking to get my poems published if they are good enough or could i send a few 0of them to see what you think.we are from the same town good olesnyder tx if u could see if you think they are worthy thank you very much

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Best Poem of Christian Wiman

From A Window

Incurable and unbelieving
in any truth but the truth of grieving,

I saw a tree inside a tree
rise kaleidoscopically

as if the leaves had livelier ghosts.
I pressed my face as close

to the pane as I could get
to watch that fitful, fluent spirit

that seemed a single being undefined
or countless beings of one mind

haul its strange cohesion
beyond the limits of my vision

over the house heavenwards.
Of course I knew those leaves were birds.

Of course that old tree stood
exactly as it had and would

(but why should it ...

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Darkness Starts

A shadow in the shape of a house
slides out of a house
and loses its shape on the lawn.

Trees seek each other
as the wind within them dies.

Darkness starts inside of things
but keeps on going when the things are gone.

Barefoot careless in the farthest parts of the yard
children become their cries.

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