Dr. Antony Theodore Christmas Poems

Rebecca Barlow's Christmas Prayer For You.

A Christmas Prayer for You
By Rebecca Barlow Jordan on Dec 20,2018 08: 30 am

As Christmas draws near, may our hearts also draw closer to the One we celebrate-it's all about Jesus. And despite the fears, the tears, and the challenges that invade our world daily, we can experience the joy and peace He came to bring. That's my wish for you this year, that not only will Jesus be the center of your Christmas celebration, but that you will know His joy and His peace, this Christmas, and always!

Christmas Bells Are Ringing

Listen O birds and animals,
Trees and flowers and leaves,
rivers and seas everywhere.
The Christmas Bells are ringing.

Christmas Poem,My Red Umbrella And The Blood

With my red umbrella
I stood alone in rain
in my secret garden
crying behind my red

I Miss During The Christmas Season

(I lost my mother, my sister and my father)

I miss their laughter
and quick wit, fully

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