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mom i love u
but it hurts me
when ur like this

I get a funny feling,
It comes from deep inside.
I get all mad & angry,
Wanting to go & hide.

Corsair of the wood
discard your skin
your pallid, wormlike

I rush to the bathroom & lock the door,
I can't stand this pain, I can't stand it any more!

I go to the cabinet for that lethal pill,

I've commited no evil
I've done no sin
So, when Im farthest from losing
Still, I never win.

Reminiscin on the nights we used to share,

I still have feelings for you that I can't even bare.


Looking up at the sky
Yeilding to the full moon
Changing into a powerful predator
Another glorious night of hunting

Your not just anyone, your special
Your one in a million &
Im not leaving her till
I can be with you.

I am a wacky person
I can't help what you say
I am who I am
Maybe I'll be cool someday

I miss & want to kiss you
How I think of you
You run through my mind
You make me feel special

I'm givin up on you

I'm givin up on me

No Freedom...
Restrictions, despair...

You vomit of lies; you do as they do.
I know who you are you know that I do

If your all alone with nothing but darkness by your side,

Hoping that everything would stop so you could grab a bit of a brake from all that goes on around you,

I ain't like any other
I'm different in many ways
People don't see it cuz im smiling everyday
I keep my head up & don't let nutin get me down

I open my heart & pour out what bleeds,
My mind f$%ked up with all these twisted dreams.
Demons callin me, my soul it fights
My mind, it separates but my hand still writes.

So here we are darling, we've arrived at that day,
When I stop writing poems and I start writing pain.
You took my heart, just because you could.
Even though having it did you no good.

Don't fall too deep
Into the death trap
There is nothing to gain
And everything to lose

Its sad to be wished dead
I know
Even by those who are close


My day has sucked
So I go to my room
Im crying all night
Wanting to die

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Well idk wat 2 say, my names chris ima b-boy (breakdancer) but in my spare time i love 2write poetry its a way i can express my self without being judged by ne 1 and it jus helps vent u knw? well want 2 knw ne tin more dont b a stranger peace!)

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To My Mother...

mom i love u
but it hurts me
when ur like this

u may not be
perfect but i love u
u may do wrong but still ill love u

the things u say mom
it hurts me
but i believe what u say is true cuz ur my mother

i know u make
mistakes, ur only human
and i love u for that

but mom why do u
say things like that
why do u hurt me

i realize that
i was a mistake to u
but saying things like that it hurts

when u say that
it makes me feel
like i want 2 die,
cuz all i want 2 do is make u happy

if it wasnt for u mom
i could be on drugs or even dead
but im not mom i love u
i need u to stop saying these things

i love u
i need u
mom please forgive me
for the sins that iv done
just please love me even if just a lil bit

mom i love u
please forgive me
for everything ive done
and everything ive yet to do.

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