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Zombie Love

Cut of my legs I'll drag my body just to come and see you
Rip out my heart and my last words would be I love you Take out my eyes and I'll still identified you by your touch Send your blessings and I'll send it back
Bury me deep and I still arise from the ground
Walk over my heart and you'll still see me smile

Foolish Me

I don't like what I see If I keep looking, my heart will slowly beat
Your love was sweet and i mistreat it
so dum of me
But now I see what could of been mines and I see you giving your love to the wrong guy

True Love

She said to me how do you feel now that i express my love to you a alittle
I look her in the eyes and said it feels like i can jump off of a building and survive then walk over to you and kiss you on the lips
how come she asks
Then i told her because true love

Heaven Or Hell

Heaven or hell
i would walk with you there
we can both be happy or never shed a tear
i love you

Beginning Of Love

As my eyes fall deeply into yours the love begin
The feeling start to grow
No longer my heart lonely
No longer I'm turning my head when I see two lovers kiss

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