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1. To The Leaves And Your Smile 5/14/2011
2. To Be A Shadow 5/14/2011
3. The Beat Poet's Toothbrush 5/14/2011
4. Such Blue Eyes 5/14/2011
5. The Funeral 5/14/2011
6. Snow 5/14/2011
7. My Dream Word-For-Word 5/14/2011
8. People Are 5/14/2011
9. Lands Behind Closed Eyelids 5/14/2011
10. Ode To The Ballerina 5/14/2011
11. Observations Of A Lake 10/6/2011
12. My Castle In A Tree 10/6/2011
13. The Swamp Of Unseen Faces 5/14/2011
14. The Homeless Man 5/14/2011
15. To Jog At 5 Am 5/14/2011
16. The Secret Place 5/14/2011
17. Playing With Matches 5/14/2011
18. An Ode To The Moon, Night, And Forested Areas 5/14/2011
19. Gardener's Hands 5/14/2011
20. Psychopath 5/14/2011

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Wouldn’t it be strange to meet a psychopath
Stand three feet from his demonic skull
And stare into his sunken eyes which
You know must crinkle with warmth
Every time he harvests human life?

What would it be like to watch him brush his teeth
For two silent minutes under a flickering florescent light
Would he perhaps swish differently than the rest of us
Does he count his brushstrokes
How does he look at himself in the mirror?

What sitcoms does he watch late in the evening
Can he smile at the jokes as the blue light
And radio waves wash over his ...

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Such Blue Eyes

Such blue eyes, you angel,
Girl with hair of flowing sunbeams
That splash onto your tiny shoulders
Like a waterfall of liquid gold

What a spectacular, rippling laugh
That wafts through the otherwise unremarkable air
As you listen to a joke that’s not
Even sort-of funny

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