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1. Chyna 3/28/2012
2. Love 3/28/2012
3. Dead Leaves 3/28/2012
4. Random 3/28/2012
5. Daddy's Little Girl 4/16/2012
6. You 4/16/2012
7. The Reason Why I Love Summer 4/18/2012
8. To My Pandabear 6/11/2012
9. My Love For You 7/20/2012
10. Lies 7/20/2012
11. Trouble 7/28/2012
12. School 7/28/2012
13. White 3/28/2012
14. Sweettarts 3/28/2012
15. You Are So Confusing 5/29/2012
16. Depressed 4/2/2012

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Every time i think about you i get really depressed and i cant but help myself to think its my fault that your mad at me and i cry about it every night.
Looking out my window at the lonely street light
Thinking how i feel just like the lonely street light
Showing everyone im here to light up the darkness
Scared and lonely i cover myself to hide myself from thw brightness of the day
I curl up into a ball and bites my lip until it bleeds as i lay.
Not feeling this pain in my lip i close my eyes and try to sleep
My mom walks into my room and ask what am i doing and i ...

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Dead Leaves

this feeling of wanting to die is over powering me. like the dead leaves all around the trees in fall. i wanna fall down and die just like the leaves. not feeling a thing when i fall and have no one care that im dead but i kno that wont ever happen. everyone that came in contact with me will care about me dying. how do i come about telling him i fe

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