Cicely Fox Smith Poems

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A Ship In A Bottle

In a sailormen's restaurant Rotherhithe way,
Where the din of the docksides is loud all the day,
And the breezes come bringing off basin and pond

The Silent Navy

Oh, it is not in the papers and we cannot always know
Where to find the Silent Service whose address is 'G.P.O.'
And to-day you can't be certain wh ...

Animal House

In Animal House (by which title I call
A dwelling whose true name is not that at all)
There are dogs on the sofas and cats on the chairs;

The Oldest Thing In London

A thousand landmarks perish,
A hundred streets grow strange;
With all the dreams they cherish
They go the ways of change;

The Smell Of The Sea

I'd tramped the whole day long on the weary roads ashore,
I was tired as a dog, and my heart was sick and sore,

The Lost Rivers

Far down from the thunder
And rush of the street,
Flow Westbourne and Tyebourne
And Effra and Fleet,


Rosemary for remembrance, -
O gentle memories
Of hours whose fragrance is like flowers
In olden pleasaunces!

Fraser River

Fraser river's flooding high,
Cold and deep and cruel flowing,
All lonely stand the hills nearby,
And man may drown and no one knowing.

Shipmates (Clipper Ship Mary Ambree)

These are the men that sailed with me
In the Colonies clipper
Mary Ambree

The Enchanted Forest

The gnarled boughs hand darkling down,
And biers sweep my knees;
The moon is low, like a gold lamp,
Behind the twisted trees.

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