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Tom Hiddleston

His eyes a of a blue diamond and smile like no other
He has been thru a lot this and last year he took a break from filming then covid hit.
He looks broken, he may play the broken but i can see it in his eyes he just wants people to be kind and to stop picking on the weak.
He is kind to his fans and gives a smile while other people are

Let The Poets Take Over

i see the world differently i love to fly away from the bad
i would hide in my room and wright away my feelings.
i would like the world to be kinder
i would like men to stop

Loki God Of Story Telling Of The Fallen Hero Vol.1

i was once a hero but iv'e been taken for granted and i hide in the realm of the shadows being a good hero dose nothing, the other heroes would hurt me or make fun of me but it hurts when they do that i only wanted to help others i don't want to be the other heroes i don't want the money i don't power i just want to protect other and give them hope. i hate the way other hero's don't even help the week they charge them for saving them or thinking their the bad guy, i was a fool for thinking that they could change.For you are a knight in shining Armour, fighting battles with villains that you've conjured up in your mind and yet refuse to deal with theirs.


to start off im a maiden of the sea also known as a siren
i lost my love to the sea so i sing my heart out so he can hear me.
he never came, i was angry at him for not cumming his friend came to see me the next day he told me he died the day before, i cried for days and never stopped singing for my dead lover.

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