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When life gives us our first breath
Standing by is our own death
When we breathe our first sigh
We know not our destiny is to die


If home is not here
Where is it
If death brings us home
Then where are we when alive

As a man thinks
So he is
His thoughts prescribe
And proscribe

All that is – is nature
The nature of nature
Is defined by nature
That which is defined by nature

Two from one
Is how they come
Yet where is the one
From where they come

When a son comes to earth
He is suckled by mother at birth
She smiles at him with pride
As he grows up by her side

He loved life was on his epitaph
Generous and giving to all
That he is dead is not in dispute
The truth of the epitaph his victims refute

Sore muscles, tired feet
Pains earned from pacing concrete
Whether aimlessly or with purpose
Yet if purpose is won – the dream achieved

Enduring Love Or Everlasting Love

Enduring love or everlasting love

Today is yesterday’s future
Future always becomes present
If I live in the past, I live not
For that which was no longer is

Complete obliteration
Was this demolition
Three thousand humans lost
Seven buildings destroyed -

How do I explain
Being drawn into
Being caught up in
Being sucked into


Love cannot be explained
It can be described
It can be experienced
It can be felt

Are we moving to a higher plane
To better understand our name
The same we call our divinity
Creation aspiring to be creator

When we enter this vale
We have no loves
We have no hates
We have no desire

Feet dancing swifter than lightning
A primal scream to the soul that cannot use words
Heart-thumping and driving rhythms
Relentless energy worthy of ten


It consumes but is never sated
It provides warmth but destroys
It brings death but sustains life
It can flare hot or

Alluring, inviting - Yet resistant to embrace
Sweet intoxicant wafting on gentle breezes
What is this fragile one
Who beckons yet coyly hides her warriors

Frightened by the deed which was done
A deed too terrible for the light of sun
They could not say what had been done
Only utter the name of a trusted one

If our creations fade away
If our creations succumb to decay
If our creations are not perfection's way
Then we are imperfect gods.

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Born in NYC, USA. Grew up in states of Pennsylvania, Maine, Alabama and New York. Attended and graduated from City College of New York. I worked for New York State for over 30 years as a supervisor, case mana- ger and insurance underwriter. Married for 16 years and now widowed. No children and currently in a wonderful relationship which has blossomed into a marriage of love and poetry.)

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When life gives us our first breath
Standing by is our own death
When we breathe our first sigh
We know not our destiny is to die
Life cannot be without death - you see
Life invigorates us to our core
Death extinguishes life to be sure
Yet we cannot have life fully
'Til we know death
Death and life are old inseparable friends
Wherever life is in the house
Death is near the window or door
The unity of breath and death is this
For life to live some must die
Death allows life to survive
How we address this interplay
Is the story of each life each day.


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Death is not a health problem, it is the resolution to health problems. 9/25/2013

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