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Childhood Memories of My Uncle

(In Memory of Danilo V. Panuncillo

Life is painted in colors
You see green, white and blue
There's orange and yellow too
But red and white dominates

I am great and bold
Never quitting
I have the heart of gold
I lead by example

The empty room I now stare
The silence I cannot bear

I see a candle burning
It glows, its light is shining
It illuminates the room
It takes away darkness' gloom.


Friendship is like a plant that grows
You nurture from seed

What’s Christmas in Heaven like?
I’m sure its fun and of gaiety
A splendid sight that shines brightly
With things in order moving rightly.

Daily Alphabet of Life

A ccept people for who they are
B elieve you can reach the stars

Four years may seem a fleeting moment
Leading towards a Commencement


Indeed they are man's best friend.

In a crossroad of LIFE
Several roads intertwined
Strangers here and everywhere
Seemed unfamiliar, no one to care.

Wings of the Heart
Heart of the Wings

Wandering over hills and river

From afar I see fire burning
of rage, anger and jealousy

Trekking the painful way to Calvary,
Carrying the Cross in agony,
5466 wounds in the body
Face disfigured and bloody.

December Birthdays...The BEST
by Cliff Force Villaflores

My Prayer

As I cry out in deep pain
Let not my prayers be in vain

We all have our breaking point
But brother, what did you do?
You have to rid those blues
Then I saw a man on the cross

They say it’s the window of the soul.
It tells and reveal the real you
Whether your sad, happy or blue
You cant fake it, you cant hide

Clifford Villaflores Biography

Who AM I? WHO ARE YOU? It matters who we are I'm a MAN in EVOLUTION Imperfect & changing Wounded & reaching Yet never giving up EVOLVING IN metamorphosis Flowing like a poem. LIFE. Oh what is Life? MY LIFE. It has been a daily struggle, of ups and downs and highs and lows. Each new day brings forth new experiences and lessons. Each living soul I meet brings forth friendship and new learnings while each new trial tempers my spirit to be a better man. Like all living beings, I have been judged so many times. I have fallen and will continue to fall as long as I live but I’ll continually stand up to pick up the broken fragments. Like a jar molded by a skillful potter from a clay, I am an ornament of life who serves as an inspiration to some people. Like a torch that fills the dim room, I illuminate for my family so they will have light in the dark. Though not all days are bed of roses, there are many dark times that I was wrestling with the shadows-of fear, anxiety and imperfections. Yes, each day is a struggle, a fierce struggle to become a better man like a butterfly struggling in a cocoon-in metamorphosis. Like the dawning of the sun, I always believe there’s hope as I reach out and look above acknowledging my weaknesses and in FAITH that I cannot stand alone without HIM. That I am nothing too without HIM. Like a melodious song that inspires me and awaken my passion to love, humming tunes of life reminding me that I was born to love you-a woman, a very special love. If we try to listen to each melody, it would serve as an inspiration, reminding me that I am not alone. I am not alone. My FAMILY is the core of my being. All that happens in my life is translated into POETRY. And more than any melodious song is my passion to read and write poetry. It inflames my senses and keeps me attuned and grounded to life-that I am a human being with feelings. Lastly, I envision someday that there will stand a place known as The Inspirational Cliff. A haven of inspiration for the rich and poor that would transcend all race, creed and religion. A place one can uncover the masks of life and act without pretenses and inhibition. A place of hope for the down trodden and depressed in life. story goes on)

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'Childhood Memories Of My Uncle'

Childhood Memories of My Uncle

(In Memory of Danilo V. Panuncillo

I was always in for a BIG TREAT,
As we walked down the busy street
Movies and food trips here and there
Stuffs we loved with my brother
It all seemed like Vanity Fair.

I remember special moments too
Of how he has helped my father and kins
In times when clouds become gray and blue
Somebody that you can lean on to.

We sometimes pause for a good book
An inspiring one as I looked
Og Mandino was the writer
“The Greatest Salesman in the World”
A novel for a prize fighter
As I read from cover to cover,

As I reminisced those moments
I feel emptiness within my core
Grief hidden, I looked at the score.
Where art thou, My Teacher?
And the advices from the Preacher
I could no longer feel and hear.
He has taken his last breath
And the words of life flashed in his death:

“There is no better thing than adversity
Each misfortune you encounter will carry
The seed of tomorrow’s good luck.” (Og Mandino)

That is how I’ll remember him
A light shines even if the path is dim.
I asked again, IS THE STORY OVER, BOSS?
I held the book, the pages I tossed,
The answer was there, I wasn’t LOST:

“Welcome every morning with a smile
Look on the new day as another mile
From your CREATOR up above.
Another golden opportunity to complete
what you were unable to finish yesterday……”

Rest in Peace Uncle Danny.

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