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My name is Clifton Cameron a poet and i live in the UK. Voice from the Wilderness is an inspirational poetry book and you can purchase it at all major bookshop in the UK and the world.

I write poems to educate and motivate people all over the world. It helps me to share my talent with the reading public all over. At the moment i am correcting my novel which will be out later this year.

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The British Way Of Life

The British people have a good sense of humour
They like to strive on gossip and rumours
I like the British way of life
It can be stressful at times but they don’t dwell on strife
Britain is a country of multi-culture
People from all countries came to the UK for a better future

The British culture is embraced all over
Once ago the UK was the world shaker and mover
English people like to have a party
They will drink and get drunk
But they are generous and like to give money to fight poverty
The UK is a fun loving nation
They embrace multi culturism
But some ethnic group don’t do integration

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Clifton Cameron Popularity

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