Colin Breck Boardman

Colin Breck Boardman Poems

1. There Are No Words 11/22/2011
2. While You Are Walking Out One Day 11/22/2011
3. To Our Noble Dead 11/22/2011
4. The Bright And Empty Plain Drifts Far Away 11/22/2011
5. For Posterity I'Ll Write My Verse 11/22/2011
6. First There Was A Usefulness 11/22/2011
7. Standing High On Beachy Head 11/22/2011
8. Time Turned When In His Bed He Slept 11/24/2011
9. Apparently 11/24/2011
10. Expect No Understanding 11/24/2011
11. When Pondering The Different Loves We Share 11/24/2011
12. Those Poor Autumn Leaves 11/24/2011
13. Once When Through A Forest Glade He Walked 11/24/2011
14. O, How They Laughed 11/24/2011
15. I Must Be Off My Time Is Up 11/24/2011
16. Each Careless Word 11/24/2011
17. Atlantis Can Be Found Just As He Said 11/24/2011
18. With A Silent Pause 11/25/2011
19. To A Lucent Lady 11/27/2011
20. Never Really Liking History 11/27/2011
21. When Darwin's Bulldog Chewed On Bones 11/27/2011
22. If I Should Spin This World Around Upon A Turning Wing 11/27/2011
23. Indifference Makes Me Suffer So 11/27/2011
24. Words All In A Line What Comfort Thus 11/27/2011
25. Remember When All Fresh With Hope 11/27/2011
26. What Harder Than A Woman's Empty Heart? 11/27/2011
27. In Love With Love 11/27/2011
28. I Didn'T See The Signs Before My Eyes 11/27/2011
29. There Was No Screeching Owl There At All 11/27/2011
30. Cloak'D By The Mantle Of Eternal Night 11/27/2011
31. My Happiness It Seems Is Up To Me 11/27/2011
32. Though I Spit And Fume And Bate Against My Jess 11/28/2011
33. This New Beginning 11/28/2011
34. Knowing Neither Where To Go 11/28/2011
35. When First We Fall 11/28/2011
36. Thou Art My Eyes Which Rounded See 11/29/2011
37. Why Must I Sing Sad Songs 11/29/2011
38. In Thought 11/29/2011
39. I Dreamt Of Her Again Today 11/29/2011
40. My Father Once Did Ask Me 11/29/2011

Comments about Colin Breck Boardman

  • Colin Breck Boardman (12/22/2011 8:44:00 AM)

    Dear Alison Hunter,
    Thank you for your kind comment. I shall try to download some more for you. You must try the sonnet sometime. Think of it as a four stanza poem with Intro, development, finale, conclusion. Good luck!

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Best Poem of Colin Breck Boardman

The Painter Searching With His Eyes

The painter searching with his eyes,
Finds fickle beauty to espy;
The poet weaving metaphors,
Turns upon an obscure clause;
The falconer with hungry hawk
Between the shadows lightly stalks;
Uncertain what will there appear
Born upon a smile or tear;
As lovers wend beneath the stars
Each must fasten on their prey,
Or else let spritely spirits pass
If all should shyly melt away.

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Those Poor Autumn Leaves

Those poor Autumn leaves,
All lost and unattached,
Shuffling shyly,
Seem to ask me sadly
For some lines of grief.

Alas, though they may grieve,
Their falls I cannot catch,
When they float all crisp and dryly,

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