Colin Pickett

Colin Pickett Poems

1. Prayer For Victory 12/29/2006
2. Image 12/29/2006
3. Life Story 12/29/2006
4. An Image Of Golf From Mid-Winter 12/29/2006
5. We Ignore The Churchbells 12/29/2006
6. Necrophile's Love Song 12/29/2006
7. On The Beach 12/29/2006
8. My Land 12/30/2006
9. Point Of View From A Rest Stop 12/30/2006
10. Requiem For A Merry-Go-Round 12/30/2006
11. After The Fire Dies 12/30/2006
12. Love Letter-Unloved 12/29/2006
13. Between 12/29/2006
14. Wifeacide 12/29/2006
15. Winter Around Me 12/29/2006
16. Drowning 12/31/2006
17. Her Room 12/31/2006
18. Sunbather At The Park 12/31/2006
19. Existentialist At A Poker Game 12/31/2006
20. Hardcore Creed 12/31/2006
21. On Falling Asleep At A Concert 12/31/2006
22. Winter Thoughts 1/2/2007
23. Remembrance 12/29/2006
24. Alarm Clock 12/29/2006
25. Made In China 12/31/2006

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Best Poem of Colin Pickett

Made In China

I erased this poem
several times before,
unable to describe
artistically the intense
rage I felt upon finding
a hard, pink, Chinese
eraser. It was indescribable.
Something inside exploded.
After annoyedly fumbling though
baskets looking for
that familiar squishy sensation
and finding
the cold, hard, remains
of a previously
acceptable product.
Believe me, I have
nothing against the Chinese
or China. But honestly
I dont like your erasers.
Stay out of my house
and baskets,
or at least make
your erasers ...

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Love Letter-Unloved

Her cursive made
me sick-
like overinflated
balloons they choked
the life out of me.

The arches screamed.
The loops and whorls
scraped my eyes, like an

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