Bijay Kant Dubey Colour Poems

Red Colour, Break You Not My Heart! A Lover's Song Of Life!

O red colour, when will you leave me,
What my relationship with you,
My internal connection with you,
Sometimes feel I to move away from here,

Colour Pictures & Paintings Of Child Krishna

On The Eve Of Holi, Let Me Paint, Colour Your Face

It is Holi
And on the eve of Holi,
Let me,
Let me paint and colour

The Cpi(M) Only Knows Its Men, Only Sees Colour In Them

The CPI(M) only knows its men
Who a communist, who a non-communist,
Make a report of that

When she had been alive,
She used to work
From dawn to dusk
Just as a beast of burden,

Blood has only one colour,
Red colour,
It is not that Muslim blood is
Different from Hindu blood

Tiranga, The Tri-Colour Fluttering

Under the tirnaga
Gathered we
In rows,
Stood they up,

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