Courtenay Maree Poems

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I'M A Butterfly

Been kept caught in a cucoon
Shut in a world of dark
Although one day soon
You'll be but a distant bark

Love Never Gives Up

Love is an acid that slithers down the back of your throat & disintergrates every good flesh into a nothingness of gases
A melody, a jam, a beat, a rythm, a clash of instruments and Cupids harp heard by the long awaiting mases
Who would'de guessed it's in rohypnol that angelic son of b**ch dips his pretty little darts
Such a blind sighted trickster, a femme fatal, a dog, a ladies man all robbing peoples tender hearts

Process Called Change

Hey y'all remember this old face? Oh yes I'm shakng up this place...
Fatten-up & super-sized my purse, I'm about to release a whole new curse
Checking my new flashy hairstyle, you'll be begging, pleading in a lil while
Got a superior sence of taste, why would I let such potential go to waste

Politically Not Correct

Don't we just love saying lifes so hard?
But tell me what is it thats left you so scared
That even death's stopped over for a cup-a-tea
Hey, I'm not saying any part of life is easy

Appreciate Time

In only but a second life can change
An unexpected death in just a milleseconds range
A great dream can come true
Someones heart can turn sadly blue

What Are You Teaching Truth Or Propaganda?

Smoke clouding the sanity
Sounds twisting the morality
Of the hopeful minds
Of the altering youth