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The Butterfly Effect

the butterfly effect

I was just an infant then
Babylon, she stained my calvinist sheets,
that night she spread her legs, and
caged me with her endless needs

I was just an infant then
Incabus, he fathered my empty soul
that cloudless night he penetrated the hostile womb, and
betrayed me with his desperate lust

I was just an infant then
Serpents, they raised me well
feeding me the fruits grown from their deceiving tongues, and
hanging portraits of perfect strangers on my wall

I was just an infant then
Pomona, she danced naked in my eyes
consumed my god like splendour, and
left me with my lonely cries

I was just an infant then
Ancient rivers, it cleansed my flesh
Washing all the phallic shame, and
polishing all the scars

I was just an infant then
when the serpent ate its tail
when the sweet wine spilled on barren ground
when the clown gave me his face
when the judge sentenced me to life
when the last supper was painted
when my two fertile eggs were spawned
when my painless death was conceived

I was just an infant then,
But I am much younger than that now

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