RoseAnn V. Shawiak Crazy Poems

Crazy Patterns

Looking up and into human designs on this hospital,
liking how some are exactly the same except one is
open and the other is closed in.

Time Going Crazy

Time running around, going crazy, not knowing whether
to keep time with the music or just keep in tune with
everyone's watch.

Crazy Life

Reeling and rocking in rhythms that take me away from this
crazy life bent on destroying me through people who are so
selfish and greedy.

Some People Have Gone Crazy

Society is sitting back, watching, listening, afraid
to speak up lest they be sued or beheaded, depending
on who they are dealing with at the time.

Crazy Lonely

Lonesome feelings are taking me away, far from pain
of my heart as it breaks in the evening of my life,
estranged, left to my own devices, feeling empty.

Driving People Crazy

Rising in the morning, taking life by the hand, finding
it's positive attitude lifting my spirits, fulfilling
me entirely.

Another Crazy Day

Another crazy day, life is turned upside down,
because of dementia.

It is such a devastating disease, living now

Crazy Path

Feeling restless and uneasy, getting up and down -
walking out.

Something edging me on, not letting this ball of

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