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i began writing when i was only 9 years old. although i was never really good at it, i dreamed of becoming a famous author. to write best selling books. but as i got older i realize that won't happen. my mother taught me dreams are stupid. not like she'll ever let me go. i also dreamed of becoming an actress. and go to Toronto, California, and try out to act. i know how to fake cry and act. but am'i as good as the rest of them. i also wanted to make movies. you know film them go behind the scenes that sorta thing. i guess all i can do is dream. cause it's not like i have the money to follow my dream. and it's not like my mother cares. she never really did.

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Little Angels

little angels
vanish everyday
knowing there be blessed one day
saying help me jesus
this just isn't fair
i'm suffering
from abuse down here
i didn't ask for this
so why am i here?

little angels
hurt everyday
with cries and screams
they go on heard
with faith
they'll be safe one day

little angels
are murdered everyday
with a prayer
they'll go with jesus someday
spreading there wings
they look down below
watching there loved ones
cry in sorrow

little angels
cry in heaven
with little angels
just like them

little angels
who die of a hand
filled with anger and hate
just close your eyes
and pray
jesus will save you one day

little angels
through i nevermet you
through i never knew you
your story touched my heart
forever more
and i know
you'll never be gone
from those hearts
that loved you before
and shared there joy
forever more
but just remember this
jesus takes the best
we will miss you
forever more
all the sweet little angels
who died before

by: cris son.
age: 15

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cris son. Popularity

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