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A Song For Maya

Maya I hear the caged birds sing
Now, one on my window sill
And one in me, composing, singing,
pouring his tears on this song.

Poetry has lost another of its author!
And its whole world shall pause
to say sweet prayers and our
bland good-byes, bitter sorrows.

Farewell Maya!
I see you spread your wings
Of radiance, of light, of hope
Gently floating up the ceiling
I’ve never seen before

Your verses, your thoughts,
Your dreams for the world
Are like these holy feathers
Pulled by gravity towards the earth

Resting in every heart
Every soul you have touched
I, may not be as close to you as any kin,
Not your lover nor your friend,

But to me you are!
Let me look up one last time
and may this song reach you there
In a world stretching far beyond here

Maya, farewell!

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