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1. (e) Lesson From A Spider! 3/29/2009
2. (h) Nameless! 3/31/2009
3. (f) A Song! 4/1/2009
4. (d) Beached 3/28/2009
5. Tolchocks 4/7/2009
6. (n) Mr Hide(Washed) 4/9/2009
7. To The Devil With You! 4/11/2009
8. Waiting 4/13/2009
9. Reflection 4/18/2009
10. What I Have Learned 4/18/2009
11. All For You! 4/19/2009
12. Welcome! 4/22/2009
13. (m) Pain 4/9/2009
14. (o) Dance With The Devil? 4/10/2009
15. (g) Did You See Me? 3/29/2009
16. (c) I See! 4/3/2009
17. (i) Ode To (Name) 4/5/2009
18. (b) You Are A Mountain! 3/29/2009
19. (l) Lost Souls... 4/1/2009
20. (k) Perspective 4/2/2009
21. (j) Ode To Spike! (Cleaned) 4/4/2009
22. (a) Would I? (Cleaned) 4/2/2009

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(a) Would I? (Cleaned)

Would I in your arms be....
where sky stretches forth,
while birds sing sweetly in the tree.
Would I in your gaze look...
where waters trickle peacefully,
toward a babbling brook.
Would I in your step take....
where hills rise up,
as winding road doth snake.
Would I in your soul fall....
I tell you,
once and for all.....

would I!

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(f) A Song!

It would complicate my life to set your name down here,
we both know why she had to be free?
drowning in your fear,
thought she knew you.......

didnt she?

and the rage showed through
and the all the bleeding too...

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