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Here I am
Try still
Tell the world

Here's HonGKong
U must be know
Here's sparkling light

Twilight has gone
Here's dark has crowned
Its Raining
My naked feet is dancing


It's me,
Only one,
And None else..

Close your eyes carefully while take a deep breathe slowly..
Put your soul into nothing,
Listen to the rhytm of the fallin' rain..

It's a glimmery night
Where the heartbeats are fight
The light dim low
Glimmery space in afterglow

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I am a Crystal, My sexy beams, chains every men's eyes to always turns at me wonderly.. I am a Black, A beauty of Mystery..)

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-i Have No Friend-

Here I am
Try still
Tell the world
''I am fine''

This mask
Try still
Tell the universe
''I am Ok! ''

But still
Here I am

I have no friend
No one

World, I have told you
But please
It's really
Here I am
What should I do?
Tell me!

Universe, I have told u
But please
Still here
I am alone
Take me away
Release me
I have nobody..

I have no friend..


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CrystaL BlacK Popularity

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