RoseAnn V. Shawiak Culture Poems

Culture Of New Beginnings

Sandwiched between feelings and emotions are rhythms
of our lives, regulating what we do and how we react
to situations.

Sign Of Indian Culture?

Riding upon a whiskey river song, writing and contemplating all the while, finding just the right meanings and definitions to describe what's being seen.

Hurrying through rhythms, letting them hammer on drums, beats of excellence while strumming a guitar of hope, reaching interiorly, holding onto a sacred promise.

Testing Another Culture

Waiting to hear from the one I love, anticipating the
sound of his voice as he speaks lovingly to me.

Conversations ranging from love to world politics and

Fascinating Culture

Slapping rhythms taking me away into a far-off
land, not previously knowing much of anything
of it's beautiful culture.

Learning Of India's Culture

Sitting here in a scientist's office, writing poetry,
listening to music and wondering at the many pictures
of swami's, genius's, gods and goddesses, wanting to
know each of their stories.

Dissipating Culture

Thinking about cultures and how they are being set into
invisible images of the past.

Traditions built upon years and generations of families

Tibetan Culture

Many guests filling home with talk and Tibetan

A beautiful dog, tail wagging, hoping to greet

Essence Of A Culture

Krishna dancers, singing to a steady, low beat with a lively
spirit, showing the beauty that is of India.

A tangent feeling of incessant beating of hearts, taking care

Being Immersed In India's Culture

India has been filled with many experiences, one after
another keeping my mind centered and focused on what
is going on around me.

An Inane Culture

Thinking and recollecting, forming thoughts to satisfy
an intense curiosity of this poet, mind taking pathways
into many avenues of innate concepts.

Stronghold Of Culture

Sounds of tom toms drumming in synch, telling stories
of native Americans as they fought and died to main-
tain their freedom, liberty and God-given rights.

Avenues Of Another Culture

Enticing sounds luring my mind down avenues of another
culture, seeing fascinating colors and festivities
happening all around.

Destroying Culture

Tibetan monasteries falling in ruin, weathered,
beaten down by the Chinese, to provoke a life
long tomb.

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