Curtisj Johnson

Curtisj Johnson Poems

1. Step Up And Finish 7/16/2015
2. Sweet Mixture 7/17/2015
3. What If 7/17/2015
4. Dream Again 7/19/2015
5. Independence 7/19/2015
6. Lord, It's So Hard 7/20/2015
7. Sights And Sounds Above 7/23/2015
8. Train Tracks 7/23/2015
9. One Night In Chicago 7/25/2015
10. My Other Teacher 7/25/2015
11. Nightmares 7/26/2015
12. One Unforgettable Cry 7/27/2015
13. The Coffee And The Kid 7/31/2015
14. Declaration Prayer 7/31/2015
15. A Helping Hand 7/31/2015
16. Letter To Missionay Friends 8/2/2015
17. 36 Years 8/3/2015
18. Turn Around 8/3/2015
19. Country Sweet Soul 8/6/2015
20. Above And Beyond 8/10/2015
21. 24 Hours 8/10/2015
22. I Believe In You-A Letter To America 8/11/2015
23. Winter On Display 8/13/2015
24. Dreaming 8/13/2015
25. Wisely Waiting 8/14/2015
26. The Garden 8/14/2015
27. Sunday Afternoons 8/16/2015
28. Final Answer 8/18/2015
29. Beaches And Volcanoes 8/19/2015
30. Snakes And Mr. Baines 8/20/2015
31. When I Was Young 8/21/2015
32. Two Trees In A Forest, A Letter To Friends 8/24/2015
33. Finding Your Way, A Letter To Ed 8/25/2015
34. A Little Boy's World 8/25/2015
35. The Apple Tree 8/26/2015
36. My Humble Abode 9/4/2015
37. Candy Covered Peanuts 9/6/2015
38. Hello Life 9/7/2015
39. Dear Barbara 9/10/2015
40. She Cried 9/11/2015

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Squirrel Watching

Squirrel Watching
By Curtis Johnson

Many are we who live and die, having never taken the time to smell the roses
Or to behold the sometimes breathtaking beauty of a cloud in the sky
Nor even to take a drive to the west side of town, and stare at a sunset

One need not be soft and tender to enjoy the site of a purple rose
Or too busy to stop and gaze at a moving cloud
Nor need you be romantic to enjoy a sunset

One needs to celebrate little creatures of the wild
Before those senior years come creeping upon you

One must dare to ...

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Age 239

Age 239
By Curtis Johnson

Please allow me to introduce myself. Though I am well known around the world, there may be a side of me that many have not seen or known. Many know me presently as well as in years gone by as one who is both kind and strong. Some of course even dislike me, and view me as an overbearing authoritarian wishing to impose my will upon the world. Some deem me a hypocrite, because I have demonstrated some inconsistencies through my tenure in this world. Anyway, there

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