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A Gentle Kiss To The Brain I Wish I Knew

The stare that lingers on
The eyes that never stopped blinking in my still impression of you
the lips that with every tender touch bounced like the waters of my mind
glistening! pink, bright lips...

Me At

You see a sunset
But I see another day wasted

You see miles running far away from you

Her God

I ponder about the woman now lying in a cheap wooden box, how she used to talk about her existence and how ready she was to “fly away.”
“With Jesus in heaven” She used to smile and say.

But now is Jesus really there for her?

It's Your Body Warmth

Every door you open, and beer you drink. I fall more deep in like with you. I can't stand the facts. I'm sensitive to what you feel.

I woke up this morning and I realized I had dreamed of you. I dreamed of you... and you were chasing me around like a puppy dog. We were laughing and you couldn't stop staring at me with that content expression.

Quit Me When I'M Done

without you my life is meaning less
meaning something nonetheless

this kisses I shared could have been better with any other man

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i just write, write anything that keeps my ego entertained or my soul at ease

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