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1. Their Reality And My Dream 10/8/2012
2. Bipolar Elements 10/8/2012
3. Steps Upon The Dungeon 10/8/2012
4. Persona 10/8/2012
5. Me And Gibran Beneath My Beloved Buddha Tree 10/8/2012
6. Daegonius Bonapartae 10/8/2012
7. The Universe 10/8/2012
8. Realization 10/10/2012
9. Rememberance 10/10/2012
10. A Dropp Of Tears In Your Sea 10/10/2012
11. Oneness Of Us 10/10/2012
12. Every Mans Apple 10/10/2012
13. That Same Old Peaceful Rain 10/10/2012
14. Personification Of My Love And Dreary Truths 10/10/2012
15. Alone At Home 10/10/2012
16. A Thought, Deception 10/11/2012
17. You And I 10/12/2012
18. Reunion Or Requittal 10/12/2012
19. Leaders Are Like A Religious Text 10/17/2012
20. Not This Hour 10/22/2012
21. Civilization[bonapartea's Paradigm] 10/24/2012
22. Endless Love 10/24/2012
23. Two Doors Of Choice 10/24/2012
24. The Heart Of The Card 10/26/2012
25. Journey 10/27/2012
26. Beneath The White Tree 10/27/2012
27. Lion Of Allah 10/27/2012
28. Childhood Of Darkness 10/27/2012
29. No Nay Nevermore 10/27/2012
30. Savoring Bristy 10/27/2012
31. Garments Layered Thickly 10/27/2012
32. Oft Repeated Waters 10/27/2012
33. Blade Of Fate 10/27/2012
34. Gods 10/27/2012
35. Blood On My Petals 10/27/2012
36. A Time Of Ease And A Time Of Peace 10/27/2012
37. Dazed State 10/28/2012
38. Just 'Think' (For Once In Your Lives) 10/28/2012
39. Farah Bristy April 12,1994/Banglasdesh/Canada/18 Loved David Shaneyfelt(Daegonius Bonapartea) 10/28/2012
40. Await With Balance 10/28/2012

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'We' Are All Books

We are all books. And each in us are pages whether wrinkled, torn, fabricated or freshly formed.On each page is the ink of our life and the images of our life.In every book for every person there are differnt languages, interrpretations of the many actions that took place in the lives of humans, meanings that shape the structure of our book and a cover that defines us all that people look at when they first greet us or see us. Some books are old and some are new but regardless they are all books filled with pages, languages, meanings and 'life'. In these books are multiple ideas that are ...

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Bipolar Elements

Once I opened my mouth and out spurt a caged bird whence my mouth was then filled with saliva and dirt
I closed and reopened my mouth, out from it came an eagle with snake in its engulfing talons
Then again, I opened and closed and then a lofty pillar heaped largely over a sorrowful man crying
I closed and opened it once more and out of my mouth breathed dirt and formed saliva
But I cited and verse of a peaceful embrace

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