Daisy Perez Poems

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Last night I asked an angel to go protect you while you were sleeping.
Moments later he came back..
I asked him why he had come back and he answered:
'An angel doesnt need of another to protect him.'

Simple Friends And True Friends

A SIMPLE friend has never seen you cry...
A TRUE friend has her shoulders wet because of your tears...

A SIMPLE friend does not know your parents' names...

Different Angle

Do You Really Care? ? ?

What would you do if I would die tomorrow?
Would you care? How would you react?
Would you cry? Or would you be glad?
What if you got a phone call from someone

Love Me Forever...

I wish you were with me, ..
I wish I was with you, ..
I wish we could hug, ..
hold hands, .. kiss, ..

The True Love

Love is a four
Letter word
With more than...
Four million meanings,

Thinkin' Of You

Thinkin' of you makes me wonder...
To me you were all of my world...
But why could you never be softer? ...
I know I love you..

What Do I Do? Who Do I Love?

I'm so confused. Guys make me sick.
I like one guy., I love another., but am going out with another.,
The guy I like likes me back. But he went out with my best friend.
The guy I love is far away and probably with another girl.

You'Re On The Dirt

You know how you bragged,
Said you were the best,
That everyone knew you in school,
That you were on a high population level.

Man- Boy

Men are all the same,
everyone knows that.
Men are incapable of loving,
everyone knows.

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