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1. Never Lose Sight 10/20/2007
2. Real Beauty 10/20/2007
3. Less And Less 11/3/2007
4. Even Less 12/4/2007
5. The Ups 12/4/2007
6. No Longer Shall I Dwell 12/5/2007
7. A Week Away 12/31/2007
8. A Just Cause 3/15/2009
9. Definition 10/11/2010
10. Hidden In Plain View 10/12/2010
11. He Uses His Hands To Walk Too 5/5/2011
12. Her Light 10/24/2012
13. The Approaching Winter 10/7/2007
14. 10/5/07 10/7/2007
15. United States Marine Corps Basic Training 4/9/2008
16. Hope 11/17/2008
17. Laying In Wait 11/24/2008

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United States Marine Corps Basic Training

the point is to break you
yet with every attempt
i grow more content
i came for a reason
i was not sent
they can't break me down
make me feel less a man
because i will arise
and on solid ground i'll stand
heels together
palms rolled back
chin high and firm
infront of my rack
its 0400
'lights lights lights'
a Marine never falters
he fights fights fights
i came for a reason
i'll leave for one too
because on Parris Island
i became something new
i learned to shoot, became physically/mentally fit
so just try and stop me ...

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Never Lose Sight

It was born as a gentle stare
And grew into something I just cannot bear
The touch of an angel? I know it's real
Because of what I see, know and feel
To last a simple day without just one thought
An impossible feat, because trust me I fought
To clear my mind of any and all
Though I spend all this time hoping
Just to catch you, if you should ever fall

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