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My name is Danae, I live in Athens, Greece and I work as a psychologist in a Dementia day care centre. I write since my teenage years. The last seven years I wrote Poetry and short stories, even blogs.
I have lots of inspiration but my personal time is around two hours a day. I am a working single mother.
My first readings and inspirations were ...

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Throw a pebble on the water and let it jump three times.
Bring her a flower, not a dozen of roses.
A living flower, a cyclamen rooted deeply in warm soil,
just place it on her window,
write her a poem, a song
draw her face or the line of her back
It doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful
It sure will be, if you do it.
Make her a meal,
not a fancy dinner with expensive wine,
only a bowl of soup when she has the flu.
Don’t fall on your knees
and pop that ‘’foolish’’ question,
with a very proud diamond ring.
Spend your money on a road trip to nowhere
Just you, her, cigarettes and wine.
Don’t tell her she’s pretty
when she’s lost weight,
just notice when she changes her hair
It means she changed her moods.
Be a man, not a scared little boy
when times get tough,
and stand for a second by her side
don’t say anything…
Just be there.
Don’t show her the full moon
and say how beautiful it is,
just say “I don’t like the full moon
because it hides all the stars….”

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