Daniel Mason

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Daniel Mason Poems

1. The Love Of My Lover 5/19/2009
2. Drugs 5/20/2009
3. The Bullet In Da Gun 5/29/2009
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6. Since Day 1 11/2/2010
7. Pain 11/2/2010
8. Never Giving Up 11/2/2010
9. Especially You 5/23/2011
10. Self Sacrifices 6/30/2011
11. A Little Less Love Than Necessary 6/30/2011
12. So Special 9/20/2012
13. One Hop At A Time 11/9/2012
14. Can'T Back Down 11/12/2012
15. Too Little, Too Late 2/13/2014
16. Why Smile 4/27/2010
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19. Rape 2/1/2010
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21. Crazy 12/7/2009
22. In The Eyes Of A Poet 6/30/2011
23. Dear Father....Why Should I 5/28/2009
24. Fire 12/3/2009
25. I'D Much Rather Kill You 4/21/2010
26. Die Alone 4/14/2010
27. Never Gone 4/20/2010
28. Schoolgirl Fiction 12/10/2009
29. When She Cries 11/6/2009
Best Poem of Daniel Mason

When She Cries

When she cries i truely feel it deep in my skin
She cries with such passion from deep within
I try to ignore it but i cannot win
The look in her eyes that fill me with sin

How could I say that love comes and goes
when since day one love never left my soul
They say love comes from the heart
but a heart can be changed and rearranged from the start

True love is in the eyes because eyes cant be changed
even with contacts eyes are stiil the same
she loves me I know it i can hear it in your voice
I love her too Its not lilke i have choice

I miss ...

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The Bullet In Da Gun

Your face 2 face
with a gun
no point in runnin
no need 2 race

But truth is the gun isn't scary
Its wats inside
that little golden bullet
that one life ride

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