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Ever‘time i write is a blessing
For i know not when it w‘ll dance again
Ever‘time i open my hills and valleys for words is tempting
For i know not when they‘ll sing for gain

Ode To Nike

Nike looks pinky
Oh my God her beauty
In no doubt she pretty
Because shes created wonderfully


I'm not a writer
But your beauty gives inspiration
And made me your admirer
Cus you gives me no option


The inflation
Of my darling nation
Now a case of concentration
Because it has really affected my beloved nation

Complete The Nature

Your first name is secrecy
And your face has being ravage by beauty
The center of destruction
A pillar of re creation

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Kevin Halls 20 July 2011

Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment much appreciated. I notice you have only written two poems to this poetry site, you should write more because that's how we all become better! Don't worry too much how they come across just keep on doing them.The two you've done are okay, I like the Nike one it's clever, but remember the saying Daniel: practise makes perfect! All the best.Kevin.

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