Daniel Thomason

Rookie (8/6/1993 / San Antonio, TX)

Daniel Thomason Poems

1. The Gargoyles By Back Bay 5/10/2011
2. Take Charge, Keep The Change 5/10/2011
3. Those Beatific Meadows 5/10/2011
4. Living Gallant Rescuer 5/10/2011
5. If 5/10/2011
6. Cardinal's Wings 5/10/2011
7. Today, Tomorrow 5/10/2011
8. If Two Poets Love 5/10/2011
9. Obscure Immerse 5/10/2011
10. Grandest. Loveliest. Grand. 5/10/2011
11. Forest 5/10/2011
12. D.D.R.R.E.U.A.G.M.S.S 5/10/2011
13. Antediluvian 5/10/2011
14. Ridicules 5/10/2011
15. Caught You Under The Moon 5/10/2011
16. The Heart Of A Woman 5/10/2011
17. Suicidal Writer 5/10/2011
18. Half Empty, Half Full 5/10/2011
19. Most Modern Moments Making Many Musicians Mad 5/10/2011
20. L'Amour Sous La Lune 5/10/2011
21. Carousels 5/10/2011
22. Horatio's For The Caricatures 5/10/2011
23. Love Upon A Star 5/21/2011
24. Essex Evarissti 5/10/2011
25. So Let God Wink 5/10/2011
26. Pushing Palaquins 5/10/2011
27. To Be With Anne Hathaway 5/10/2011
28. Rêveur (Seven Deadly Sins) 5/10/2011
29. Insane 5/10/2011
30. Jesters. Modernists. Nightingales. 5/10/2011
31. The Desolate Cherry Blossom 5/21/2011
32. Photo Op 5/31/2011
33. Light The Match To Start Up My Heart 5/31/2011
34. Silly Soul Down 5/31/2011
35. Murder 5/31/2011
36. Merry Maudlin 5/31/2011
37. Wisconsin Bonnets 5/10/2011
38. They Call It Love 5/31/2011
39. For You... An Act Of Realization 5/10/2011
40. Winter In Love 5/10/2011

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Best Poem of Daniel Thomason

Your Inner Beauty

If only I could turn you inside out...
And see the world that lives inside you...
I bet there's children that play tag near a rainbow that falls from your heart...
And a fountain that sprays stars from its spout...
I bet there's graffiti that says LOVE all over the walls...
No profanity or words that will put me back on a trail to nowhere...
But, LOVE, we don't have to find out...
Let's imagine it as a city that keeps peace on a pedestal...
Where the government is ruled by a heart...
Where the clouds always drift slowly to cover up a hot day...
Where the rain is ...

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Those Beatific Meadows

If I should think of love,
What figure would appear before my eyes?
Of all my loves this is the first and last,
A shimmering angel who must, shall, hast,
Put forth my heart to have my heart,
From off a hill to a drippling meadow,
I'll see my love whisk the water with their charming hands,
Not to look back at me but remain peaceful in their own place,
And now I think of love through not the eyes of a man,

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