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Your world is changing more than the day you were wed,
It will never be the same again, your ears will be turned to baby's bed.
No matter how old this miracle becomes,
It will always be your baby - you will worry some.


When the sun comes up in the eastern sky,
I head for the airport, it's my day to fly.
Such a thrill to sit at the controls,
to know before long, I'll soar past my woes.

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Danita Fisher 27 July 2006

Ms. Danita: My name is Danita, also. I, too, write poetry. You can find my poems at: www.TheSagittarianInkwell.com if you would care to peruse some of my poetry. I enjoyed yours. Thank you so much for sharing! Keep writing! ! Danita Fisher

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Kim Collinsworth 17 April 2005

Mrs. Sudderth, I don't know if you will get this e-mail. I came accross your Poems. Just wanted you to know I think they are great. Kim (Cordova) Collinsworth Clovis, New Mexico

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