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Suicide Poem

Im sorry
This is to
To Those who cared
To those who are really going to be hurt

Social Workers

you think your so smart
you think you know everything
but you don't you know nothing
you thing youm make peoples life better


You are the devil
the devil in decise
trying to ruin my life

I Hope

I hope you die the most terrible death
I hope you go burn to death
I hope you die a slow and painful death
Like you have made me


Your lies
Make it hard for me to trust you
No matter how many truths you have told me
The lies will always trump them

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I have lived with my mom and dad all my life untill this past summer when my parents split. my dad was the one who asked for the split so i was really mad it hiim. things around my mom's house witch is where i 'live' have gone to hell. I have been going throught a roph tiemand am dealling with depression. I almost compleatly closed my self of from ...

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