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Im sorry
This is to
To Those who cared
To those who are really going to be hurt

you think your so smart
you think you know everything
but you don't you know nothing
you thing youm make peoples life better


You are the devil
the devil in decise
trying to ruin my life

I hope you die the most terrible death
I hope you go burn to death
I hope you die a slow and painful death
Like you have made me

You fill in
The best you can
For the absence he left me


Your lies
Make it hard for me to trust you
No matter how many truths you have told me
The lies will always trump them

You left
Not her

She tryed

Hours sent just trying to breath
Days spent just thinking
Years spent just hoping
A lifetime just wasted away.

You're gone
And I will miss you
Your bright smile
The way you laugh

the leaning post
thats me
whenever someone has a problem
it becomes mine

The same day that summer came
It left
Like an airplane over head
There for a second and then gone

lonelyness is
feeling like your alone
like no one cares
like no one is there to talk to


To you
the one how stole the last of hope
the one who thinks that she can do anything and not get caught
the teacher who doesn't do her job

Things change
It's a part of life
So is loss
But lossing our father to a new girl is not

why did she have to leave
to leave me here
withnot an once of hope


why did they have to put him in my class
they know he was my stalker
it not like its a secoet
ask any kid and they'll know

why do you have to hurt me.
i don't know what i did to you.
i know i haven't made being a friend easy
but you could of just left

If you ever
Say a word
You know it could destroy me
If you were to tell my deepest secret

She sits
And cuts
As if nothing else can help her
As if there is no hope in this world

The tears are set off
By almost any thing
A hug
An I’m sorry

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I have lived with my mom and dad all my life untill this past summer when my parents split. my dad was the one who asked for the split so i was really mad it hiim. things around my mom's house witch is where i 'live' have gone to hell. I have been going throught a roph tiemand am dealling with depression. I almost compleatly closed my self of from the world and lost most of my friends. i statred to cut my self and have even thought about killing my self. i found out more about my parents divorac thinking it might help. ya right it made it worse. i found out the reason that my dad left was because my mom was using him to make her self look like the goog guy. i was galde he stood up for him self but now i want to kill my momm to make every thing worse my dad is die odf kidnea failor. i'm hoping to make some friends to talk to HELP ME)

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Suicide Poem

Im sorry
This is to
To Those who cared
To those who are really going to be hurt
To my friendsand niceis that ne er turned there back on me

Ill be glad
If this hurts my parents
You never helped
You only made things worse
Your nonstop fighting
And dragging me int everything
Without thinking about how it would effect me

I dont exspect
anyone will forgive me
For the lies you will find put about
Just know i didnt want to lie but i had to
And i know you wont forgive me for what im about to do

I hope
This teaches people
To get help for those who need it
As you are probly finging out
it would be better to have asd friend then no friend

So this is a finał goodbye
I will always love lindsey and kylee
Remind them of that
Its better for everyone this way

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