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The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man Rides to Tomorrow Land

I slept last night on this slick pavement
Before the bus stop.
I didn’t want to miss you.
And though you can’t see me
I sometimes hear your thoughts.
The pastor’s Labrador sees me very well,
Licked my face, assured me that I have this power.
Dogs can tell you things.
Of the tang and yarn of greetings and goodbyes.
The musky and the bitter soles stamping
Into fresh cement.
You must only listen.
They are nicer than people
if you don’t try to take their food.

You and I
wind through the slums of Orlando,
This Magic Kingdom.
Your hand that moments ago cradled an egg Mcnothin'
Now perches under your nose,
Trembling hollow,
Pale canary.
And you hoped I’d sit someplace else.
Didn’t you.

But I’m on my way to Tomorrow Land.
I gave it that name.
There is sleep on those streets of promise
Among spent balloons and powdered glass.
Until Tomorrow.
There’s a woman lives over there who knows my middle name.
And a little boy who wouldn’t remember.
I ain’t seen the dog out in the yard for awhile now.
A lot of yesterdays there,
In Tomorrowland.

And you, you’ll go home tonight.
You’ll tell your husband to write a check.
Send it to nurture the wretched
Though when I sit beside you
You can’t bring yourself
To utter hello.

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