RoseAnn V. Shawiak Daring Poems

Daring To Look At Death

Feeling tired of living, bored beyond tomorrow with daily
routines, only wanting to live innocently dangerous.

Looking for adventure, daring to look death in the face,

Daring Illusions

Tiptoeing through the clouds above, feeling their
essence as they float by, taking one for rides
across the countryside.

Daring To Jump

Adjusting rhythms according to melodies playing
in the background.

Elating me no end, seeing visions of beautiful

Daring Life To Enter Death

Enchantingly, mystically taken into depths of imagination
totally and completely, feelings expressed joyfully, touch-
ing the center of my being.

Daring To Notice

Barrels of resignation float upon waves,
tranquil and precise, forming new outlets
for past memories.

Always Daring To Be Different

Daring to be different, always trying new and exciting ways
to find pleasure in this human life, following every rhythm
up and down measures of music.

Daring To Challenge The Past

Resting and awakening through the hours of each day, believing in tender feelings of others, an intuitive way to keep abreast of what's going on in the world.

As life supports many beautiful aspects that come into the visibility of what is actually happening everywhere.


Kaleidoscopes of perspective picturing everything
in colored prisms of diagonal angles in perfect
mathematical introductions to a new formulation
of physics as it sits right here in this poem,

Arizona Daring

Moving into the shade of musical interludes,
desert breezes sweeping across my forehead,
face and neck.

Daring To Hope

Standing in lines of extreme delicacy, hoping to become famous and take off into atmospheres of divine grace.
Choosing selections that will bring my future to fruition, taking chances, daring to risk life and limb just to focus on a future destiny without poverty in the picture.
Hoping to become rich and famous so I may help others to attain their goals of financial freedom and wholesome independence.

Mind Daring To Travel

Listening to notes climb up and down, going faster and
faster, making my fingers fly, playing the piano in my
mind while writing rapidly with my right hand.

Daring Life

Living in chambers of hiding places from the world,
preferring to write and be alone in thought.

Calming and soothing throughout grief, suffering

Daring Not To Hope Or Pray

Life is beginning over again, steps are being retraced,
changes are trying to be made known.

Saturated with beliefs, horrors, abuse, all of living

Daring To Be A Poetical Rebel

Being a poetical rebel, daring to approach whatever's been
banned by ignorant people, thinking they're the only proper
authorities on earth, but they're not.

Daring To Challenge, Unafraid

Gliding and soaring into heavens of peace and serenity, riding
air currents with ease, unafraid, no fear ever being driven
into the equation.

Daring To Be Different

Flying high, following the pathways of another becomes too

Veering suddenly off into skies unknown, leaving pathways

Daring To Challenge

Living like there's no tomorrow, daring to challenge
everything in life, wanting to not be ensnared in a
tangle of feelings and emotions.

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