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A Cry For Peace, Accross Nigerian Rivers

When I reminisce the past
I feel I can make the future come fast
That I may tackle the task
Which is so wide and vast

Back To School.

Pain Is Rain

Pain is like rain, though painful it is yet gainful.
For pain's sake we are abused, yet for pain's sake love is diffused.
Pain is rain, for it touches all men free or in chains.

My Vission My Mission.

When I closed my eyes
I saw every where in wear-and-tear
I saw everyone shedding tears, but when I opened my eyes,
I saw the opposite side.

Must I Endure?

Must I endure?
Didn’t they say life is meant to be enjoyed?
Why must I be the specimen always?
Why should my stomach bare the offenses always?

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13 October 2017

Life can only favor you, when you add flavor to life.

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darlington is one poet i love so much. His lines, so touching.

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Darlington Chukwunyere is a Nigerian writer of prose, film and poetry. In 2007, he began freelance writing for five major local newspapers in Owerri; The Nigerian Horn. National Question, the Statesman, Frontline Newspaper, and the Strides. He studied Theatre Arts, at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. By 2010, he had published his first collection of ...

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