darren westbrook Poems

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will you trust me when I gone
will you trust me if I left you alone
will you trust me if I told you I love you
will you trust me if I say I never let go

I Think About You

I think about you
You think about
me I sit in the class room and let my heart free and
you got pain in your stoney heart I take it and make it new

Could You Be

Could you be the one for me
Could you be the star that
shine so bright and
and glow like the moon at night.

I Miss You

I miss you in the Morning my dear
when all the world is new
I know the day can bring no joy
because it bring alot of you.

My Friend

My friend until the end
who make me smile and a
friend that walk that extra mile.
A friend that will hold your hand

Walk A Mile In My Shose

Walk a mile in my shose you filled my
pain what less not to choose another
thousand step in my shose.
Walk a mile in my shose

A Love That Is Beautiful

A love that is beautiful look just
like you so pretty and sweet
and amazing whatyou do.
Dress so net I think I take you out and eat

I'Am In Love Are You

I'am in love are you
can you tell me
is it true cause my days went
for darkies to blue

Doubble Or Nothing

I meeting this boy that I
hered that can ball dribble
shoot dunk and all see
No one have not mess with him

Tragict Life

A tragict life
tell me what you do
everthing you write
turn back on you

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