Bijay Kant Dubey Daughters Poems

The Myths Of Dark Daughters (Poetry Of The Dark Daughters)

Poetry as the dark daughters,
dark, but lovely,
mythical and mystical,
symbolical and historical,

Indian villages, hamlets and thorps
Of loneliness,
Ay, loneliness playing with the winds
In the sunny landscapes

Jayanta Mahapatra, who are those dark daughters
You tell of
At the end of Relationship
Asking them to tell

Poetry As The Dark Daughters

Poetry as the dark daughters,
The terracotta sculptures and figurines,
Daughters cut in stone
of maya and moha,

The Daughters Of Maya

The daughters of maya, call they, know I it, but we it not
The pains and pines of hers,
My maya for her and her maya for me,
My daughter my maya for her and her affection for me,


Immortal love,
How the flame of it

Dark Daughters

Dark daughters,
When sad and sombre
I turn to you, turn to you
When dejected and broken.

Why Are The Daughters So Ignored & Neglected In Our Society?

May I know,
Why are the daughters
So ignored and neglected
In our society?


Syrian daughters,
Beautiful daughters,
I am pained,

Is this,
The India,

Who a Dalit,
Searching the theme

Dalit, Dalit,
Have you,
You ever tried to know,
Know the meaning

The Reference Of Dark Daughters In Jayanta Mahapatra

The dark daughters designed artistically
On the Konark Sun-temple
As sculptures and figurines
In love-making, passionate hugs and embraces

Daughters of Senengal, what it ails you,
I too become sad
In your sadness,
As none strove to know

The Dark Daughters, The Terrocotta Plates Of Dark Daughters

The terracotta plates,
The terracotta plates baked
And made from clay,
Feminine and filial


To talk of Jayanta Mahapatra is to talk of the dark daughters,
The dark daughters of the land which he refers to
At the end of Relationship
And this is in reality one of the mysteries of his poetry,

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