Dauntless Aberrants

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Sauntering Along

I saunter.
The same long road,
Tarred or otherwise.

Height's & Depth's

Under the shroud of those sagged eyes
Tears too were crying
In the wheeze of his spirited breath
Even life was dying

I Want To Be

I want to be......
Like the one i used to be.

I culled, beguiled....

The Lecherous Woman?

Abhorred and yet picked by the same,
Unchaste, lecherous & prurient, Am I? ,
I ask the mighty mirror.
Shameless & reflective, she too shies away.

The Rain

Its an elephant I said
No, its a dog they said
or was it mighty dragon,
that swallows away the sun?

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Dauntless Aberrants Popularity