Dave Cole

Freshman - 785 Points [primework123]

Dave Cole Poems

1. The Mechanics Of Research 11/29/2015
2. A Wake-Up Call 11/29/2015
3. Our World Of Work 11/29/2015
4. They (Humans) Laugh At Me 11/30/2015
5. The Count 11/30/2015
6. A Prime Search: Pi[e = Mg = 1 + P2n] = 2 * Pi[g = 1 + Pn] = 2n. 11/30/2015
7. The Word 11/30/2015
8. God's Claim On You And I 12/1/2015
9. A Hard Nut To Crack Elegantly 12/3/2015
10. Why? 12/3/2015
11. One In All And All In One 12/15/2015
12. Unity And Diversity 12/17/2015
13. It Does Not Compute The Nth Prime 12/17/2015
14. African American? 3/3/2016
15. Never Lonely Nor Alone 5/17/2015
16. My Sunny Star 11/29/2015
17. Of Nothing 11/30/2015
18. The Quest 12/2/2015
Best Poem of Dave Cole

The Quest

I am an ant (or a number theorist) looking for the greatest happiness in small things.

I am king of a great kingdom looking to expand my empire so that I
may find the greatest happiness wherever it may be.

I am an astronomer looking the farthest the eye and machine can see
into the depths of the heavens for it as well.

Hmm. I'm just a simple monk on top of an anthill in an orchard of a great kingdom beneath the heavens on a full moon night.

And I am enjoying the eternal bliss from within.

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My Sunny Star


You're the one for me.

You bathe me in warmth and glow.

You smother me like no other star.

Even in my darkest hour,

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