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Now resident in the Lincolnshire Fens I have written hundreds of poems, short stories, songs and articles on subjects such as climate change, mostly under my pen name Rhumour.

Many of my poems have been posted to my blogs and journals on various social networks over the last few years and the very positive comments which I have received encouraged me to undertake publication of a few collections, the first of which went into print and ebook formats in 2010, titled 'Rhumour Has It'.

Dave Dunn Poems

War, War, War

War, war, war
What is it all for
Does it bring happiness
Does it bring joy

Excess Memories

I awoke to silhouettes of images long suppressed
Those which rose from their internment within grey depths
Flickered with hesitance as from draft blown oil lamps
Wound round with broken elements of sad irrelevance


Don't ever think that you could be naive,
just because violent deaths make you grieve,
for the choice to kill is itself an unwordly act,
beheading party goers is abhorrent, that's a fact

Like Dreamers Do...

Like Dreamers Do

My pillows are so crumpled
My bed in such a mess

A Winter Coat

A Winter Coat

All the tall trees wept
Their leaves upon the ground

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