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1. Out To Sea 7/23/2007
2. Words Of A Dolphin 7/23/2007
3. Protectors Of Love 7/23/2007
4. Open Thy Eyes 7/23/2007
5. Nomad 7/23/2007
6. Fight The Crave 7/23/2007
7. Healing The Soul 7/23/2007
8. You May Ask, I Will Answer 7/23/2007
9. Fuel 7/23/2007
10. What Is It My Friend 7/23/2007
11. Dove 7/23/2007
12. 'Romance' 7/23/2007
13. On That Night 7/23/2007
14. Storm 7/23/2007
15. Pain 7/23/2007
16. Shadows Fall 7/23/2007
17. 'Fatherhood' 7/23/2007
18. The Past Is The Past 7/23/2007
19. Amazing 7/23/2007
20. 'Wise Man Once Said...' 7/23/2007

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'Wise Man Once Said...'

A wise man once said, stop living your life as if you are dead

You have the power and strength in you, make the change so your world is no longer blue

Climb the mountain that's ahead, step after step you are not dead

Life has twists and turns, stand tall and feel the burns

The burns of your soul and heart, it's alright to let it begin, let it start

Comfort zone no more it's killing you slow, reflect and realize you need to grow

Trapped in a bottle, a cage, a living hell...for now that's what you want, everyone can tell

You're used to it and ...

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Hello father been a long a time, figured I dropp by with a little rhyme

The boy you left behind was only three, now in the mirror man staring back at me

Instead of family life you wanted another beer, your other two boys are more like you year after year

I was on my own and did it smart, mind confused at times but always listened to my heart

Sure you made a call once or twice, spending time with your youngest would of been nice

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