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David Antin (born in New York City, February 1, 1932) is an American poet, critic and performance artist.

Antin earned his B.A. from City College of New York in 1955 and his M.A. from New York University in 1966. He spent the first ten years of his career (1955-1964) as a translator of both scientific texts and fiction. By the late 1950s he had ...

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about two years ago elly and i decided we needed a new mattress
or maybe elly decided it because i didnt pay much attention to the
we had an old mattress wed had it for years and the salesman
wed bought it from had assured us it would last us a lifetime

6th separation meditation

it appears whole
it has been
thought of
as good
not reasoned out

the second hundred: for sid luft


there are two sides to every story and to abbreviate one side is to diminish a side of a wall creating an absence that is stronger than any presence and making any attempt at accurate construction hopeless sid luft is such an accusative absence

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20 July 2016

Children frequently sing meaningful phrases to themselves over and over again before they learn to make a distinction between singing and saying.

20 July 2016

A myth is the name of a terrible lie told by a smelly little brown person to a man in a white suit with a pair of binoculars.

20 July 2016

For several centuries what has passed for song in literary circles was any text that looked like the lyrics for a commonplace melodic setting.

20 July 2016

I hardly remember how I started to write poetry. Its hard to imagine what I thought poetry could do.

20 July 2016

I can manage a prose format as long as I keep closer to Laurence Sterne than to Henry James.

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