David Aoloch Bion

Rookie (1976 / Republic of South Sudan)

David Aoloch Bion Poems

1. The Moon Of House 6/23/2010
2. An Aa Pax Day 6/23/2010
3. An O 6/24/2010
4. The May 6/24/2010
5. The Three Destinies 6/24/2010
6. The Puzzle 6/24/2010
7. La Guerre Day 6/29/2010
8. The Last Man Killed In Torit 6/29/2010
9. An Ambush At Ashwa Bridge 1994 6/29/2010
10. O God If I Mistaken Your Name 7/3/2010
11. Love Is Riddle 7/4/2010
12. Ojs Campaign 7/19/2010
13. Bsc Campaign 7/19/2010
14. The Snake, The Fire And The Baby 7/21/2010
15. I Am Such 7/23/2010
16. Fails Six Times Plans Seven Times 7/23/2010
17. The Snake Wisdom 8/7/2010
18. Fire Daily Give Birth To Ashes 6/29/2010
19. The World Begin 6/29/2010
20. The Birth Of Black State 6/30/2010
21. My Youth 6/30/2010
22. The Sianese Twiness 6/30/2010
23. Men Faer Snake More Than Women 8/8/2010
24. A Bird That Lives Forever 9/5/2010
25. Snake; An Oracle Of Oath 9/5/2010
26. An African Golden Weaver Bird Metamorphose 9/5/2010
27. The Americans Attacked Apples 9/8/2010
28. The Russians Raided Roses 9/8/2010
29. The Chinese Cocked The Barrel 9/8/2010
30. The British Blitzed Beans 9/8/2010
31. The Holy Romans Eat Pigs 9/8/2010
32. God Laws Obeying Timetable 9/8/2010
33. Land Of Cush 9/28/2010
34. If There's God Why I Die 12/14/2010
35. How Death Forever Came About 12/14/2010
36. Hyena And Five Bulls 12/14/2010
37. Lyric Four Bulls 12/14/2010
38. .....The Other Things Are Ears 12/15/2010
39. God Doesn'T Give Lying Down Man 12/17/2010
40. Holds It Horns, A Buffalo Of Your Forest 12/17/2010

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Best Poem of David Aoloch Bion

What Is Culture

What is Culture?
What we think of in Rumbek
What we think of in Jerusalem
What we think of in Moscow
All different things we think, say,
Do and make at different places at the same time
What differentiate a man from insects, birds and beasts?

If you don’t have a culture
You’re a housefly
If you don’t keep your culture
You’re a beetle or cockroach
If you adopt a culture
You’re a tick
If you hate other’s culture
You’re a toad
If you don’t hate or love other’s culture
You’re real man

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The Village Education

I love village education more than alphabet education
In my cerebrum, its higher than mountains
In my vein, its deeper than Oceans
It doesn’t requires literacy and numeracy skills

Only a grandma grandpa – storyteller to sit with
Seeds around the fire in evening in wet season on mates
Skins in dry season and narrates fairy stories, legends, fables, proverbs, songs, riddles, taboos, rituals and customs.

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