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To laugh and smile and have a chat.
Of memories of her life she told -
I know that I’ll ne’r forget that.

G’d bye my lovelies; think of me
and your destruction of family
such hurt and damage I and thee
as when you’re older you will see

The Devil hid 'hind beauty;
a-wait to kill;
return’d the devious act forfill.
Aft’ smiling and she

The night was warm
The sun was down but’ dawn
The stars in ‘sky above the town;
The moon rolled above

Grab my hand

When you think your world falls asunder

On the edge of your world

When you’re pushed to the edge of your world
your life still shines for all to behold -


I shout into the wind;

Grab my hand

When you think your world asunder
Look o’r your shoulder and wonder;

These hearts are tied
but love abides within these lovers, where it hides.
But loving touch, and secret kiss
cannot conceal a love as this -

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Not dead yet......! 'live in Oxfordshire' enjoy sonnets; 'hate prose; keep it short and keep it sweet; 'love any excuse for fun and poems.)

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Natures Prize

Has nature never held such prize
as the glory of thine eyes..?
T’is love they tell for all to see
though they only shine for me.

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David Child Popularity

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