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flappers, with tall blond
hair, a decade of the
doller, bubbles of false
prosperity, a crash, a hit,


HE wispers poison in her ears.

SOUNDS like a ghost she thinks,

A Sad World

DEATH, you plant your rust in blood.
DEATH, you take love, and kick it,
pervert it, laugh at it, untill
there is no more, not even a spoon

My Rainbows

Feel like dancing under a rainbow, feel like singing happy
songs, but my rainbow, no my rainbow, wont shine for me.
Feel like going to the ocean, building castle in the sand..
but my rainbow, my rainbow, wont shine for me.

Restless Smile

her drug, s and anger draws her restless smile, it is here where she finds her strait jacket, her emptyness, but wait, whats that in the back ground?

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