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Why Is Spring The Best Season?


I look up at the sky,
Realizing it's no longer winter time
The groundhog been saw its shadow 6 weeks ago.
Now time for the leaves and flowers to grow.
Most constant weather this time is rain showers,
To water the trees and flowers.
Its the trees and flowers happy hour,
From middle to March until Middle of June.
Now visible all the squirrels and raccoons.
Seeing the bunny rabbits humping,
Seeing the birds healthy and flying,
Mother nature is in full effect.
Sunlight hit the plants straigh forward and direct,
Like a one way ...

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Life As A Stalker

I am a loner and I feel withdrawn.
I feel delusional way far beyond.
I am in love with my vitcim,
I have develop feelings that I can't get rid of.
I don't want to make my victim aware of my existence,
I keep the victim close, but I watch from a distance.
I'm sneaky and clever as I move in silence.
My intelligence

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